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There is hardly any city that has a continuous wave of visitors as Karbala. Mourners come here from all parts of the world to pay their homage to Imam Hussain (as), his brother Abu Fadhl al-Abbas and the rest of their companions who were martyred in this city (then desert) on 10th of Muharram (Ashura). This city also holds the largest gathering in the world at the time of Arbaeen (fortieth).
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One of the oldest cities in the world, the history of Najaf can be traced back to the period of Prophets. Nabi Adam, the first man on earth has his grave alongside of Prophet Nooh, who is also known as Adam Saani or the second Adam. Today this city is known for the magnificent shrine of Imam Ali (as) and the Islamic Education University (Hawza e Ilmia, Najaf) that has produced some of the finest Ayatullahs and religious scholars.
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Located in the vicinity of the capital Baghdad, Kazmain holds the shrine of two Imams, Imam Musa Al-Kazim and Imam Muhammad al-Taqi. Close to golden domes are graves of some of the very famous Shia scholars including Shaikh Tusi, Shaikh Mufid, and the two brother Sayyid Razi and Sayyid Murtaza.
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The city of Samarrah is of high importance for the Shias around the world. It has the graves of two Imams, Imam Ali Naqi (as) and Imam Hasan Askari (as) located within a golden dome shrine. Adjacent to them are the graves of Hikmah Khatoon, sister of Imam Ali Naqi (as), and Nargis Khatoon, the mother of Imam Mahdi (ajtf). There is another dome known as Sardab, which is the place where Imam Mahdi went into occultation (Maqam e Ghaibat).
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From the beginning of Islamic history, Qum was seen as a place of importance. There are several narrations quoted from the infallibles praising the city and merits of visiting the Lady Fatima Masoomah - the sister of Imam Ali Raza [as] buried in this city. The city also contains Hawza e Ilmia, an Islamic Seminary where thousands of students from different parts of the world come for religious studies. Six kilometers away from the city is Masjid e Jamkaran, a mosque of significance and associated with Imam Mahdi [ajtf].
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Originally called Khurasan or Tus, Mashhad become a center for Shia Muslims around the world due to the final resting place of Imam Ali Raza [as]. Mashhad itself means the place of martyrdom and the golden dome of the shrine is the most prominent feature of the city. Around the shrine are different courtyard each having a distinctive name and graves of many religious scholars including Sheikh Bahaiee, Sheikh Hur Ameli and Sheikh Tabressi.
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