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About Karbala


Location: Republic of Iraq
Time Zone: UTC: +3:00
Language(s): Arabic

There is hardly any city that has a continuous wave of visitors as Karbala. Mourners come here from all parts of the world to pay their homage to Imam Hussain (as), his brother Abu Fadhl al-Abbas and the rest of their companions who were martyred in this city (then desert) on 10th of Muharram (Ashura). This city also holds the largest gathering in the world at the time of Arbaeen (fortieth).

Map of Karbala (Maqamaat)

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Karbala - كربلا المقدسة

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Imam Hussain Shrine العتبة الحسينية المقدسة: 32.616341, 44.032201
Hazrat Abbas Shrine العتبة العباسية المقدسة: 32.617169, 44.036222
Camp of Imam Hussain (Khemagah) مخيم الحسيني: 32.614705, 44.030212
Kaffe Abbas (right) مقام الكف الايمن للامام العباس علية السلام: 32.617222, 44.037222
Kaffe Abbas (left) مقام الكف الايسر للعباس علية السلام: 32.616211, 44.036527
Tille Zainabia التل الزينبي: 32.615927, 44.031249
Maqam e Sahibuzzaman مقام المهدي ـ عج: 32.622190, 44.035247
Maqam e Imam Sadiq [as] مقام الإمام جعفر الصادق عليه السلام: 32.624110, 44.037333
Maqam e Ali Akbar مقام علي الاكبر عليه السلام: 32.618140, 44.033415
Maqam e Ali Asghar عبد الله الرضيع: 32.618216, 44.032814
Shrine of Hazrat Hur مرقد الحر الرياحي: 32.651350, 43.985234
Tiflaan e Muslim (اولاد مسلم بن عقيل(ع: 32.785756, 44.312539
Mausoleum of Aun عون عليه السلام: 32.688400, 44.110045
Hotel Bihar Al Anwar: 32.614608, 44.024127
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